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I don’t contribute to the economy?!

I was talking with a particularly cynical acquaintance the other day who had some less-than-kind things to say to me when I mentioned going to Marketplace-only with Clover’s Kitchen, and no longer having a prim-and-mortar shop in his estate. Two particularly stinging things he said were that I’m “part of the problem” for going to MP only, and that by not having a prim-and-mortar shop, I’m no longer contributing to the economy.

Now, it’s true, I’m no longer paying tier. I am paying group dues for the land I’m essentially freeloading on, but that’s incredibly small.

But I’ve taken up this new hobby recently, and any other avatar with a camera can tell you, it ain’t free. Oh, sure, I can do a little home movie of me playing the harp and put it on YouTube and not spend any Ls to do so. But now that I’m doing an actual Serious Artistic Movie? That’s gonna cost you. So far this past month my contributions to the economy have gotten me:

  • A prop camera, so people can tell when I’m filming
  • A lovely Victorian nightgown, part of my costume
  • A house. A literal, standing, four walls, house.
  • A woodstove, some firewood, and a kettle
  • Some trees and paths – actually I bought those some time ago
  • Mesh daisies
  • Mesh day lilies – OK those I already bought previously too
  • Sculpted hills
  • A herd of mesh cows
  • Mesh gravestones
  • And let’s not forget uploaded textures…

Never mind all the generous tipping I did at my local club last night to celebrate the fact that IT’S DONE.

So, yeah, call me an asshole freeloader if you really want, but don’t for a second suggest I’m not contributing to the economy. My pockets tell a different story.



5 thoughts on “I don’t contribute to the economy?!

  1. What you are no longer doing is helping to support the existence of the venues you visit with the camera.

    Venues we enjoy are largely paid for by renting out portions of the land. Tipping in clubs – is trivial by comparison.

    If one neither owns land nor rents land – then one is not significantly helping to support the continued existence of places to see and enjoy. That is the problem of marketplace; it breaks the fundamental link that help the ‘SL economy’ in place.

    Formerly there was a cycle of goods bought paid merchants who paid landowners or their own tier – thereby keeping in existence places for people to go to in order to enjoy using or showing off the goods they bought.

    A ‘circle of life’ if you will.

    Buy goods at shop B to use at place you love A
    Shop B pays for land at A.

    The second part of that is gone now.

    Now it is:
    Buy goods at MP-store B to use at place you love A
    A has no major source of income to pay insane tier bill, and closes.

    People do not tip enough to cover the difference.
    Venue A won’t succeed by selling advertising – that works for websites, but for SL it would create an unpleasant A, and not be as effective as merchant B merely adjusting their settings on MP…

    1. I appreciate your well-reasoned response, and while I don’t agree with all of it, I can certainly understand what you’re saying.

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