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It’s My Birthday!

…and I’ll pout if I want to.

I have to cancel my party tonight.

It’s been an adventurous birthday to say the least. I was stranded for two days away from home, thanks to an ice storm making the roads between my workplace and my home impassable (except by the sturdiest of plow trucks). Today I knew the freezing rain would continue and I just wanted to get home to my husband and cat before it got worse. So this morning, when there was a break in it and the roads were a bit more cleared, I got behind the wheel and drove the ten or so miles.

One of the scariest drives I’ve ever made. I had to stop the car twice, put on the four-ways, and get out to clear the windshield of ice.

When I got through the door my husband was there and we just hugged and hugged. I feel an overwhelming urge to curl up in my bed and not get out until spring.

I logged on at last to find out that RL plans have caused several of my friends to not be on tonight. Some have last minute shopping to do, some are departing to see their RL families, some are dealing with ice storm problems of their own. So, I just decided, I’ll cancel the party and instead get a few pictures of my outlandish party dress I had gotten from Boudoir. Hope you like it.