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Last Night’s Skating Party

…was a SMASH success!




We had about a dozen people throughout the event, as many as twenty at one point. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and being social. Plus I even made a couple sales in Clover’s booth, and I have a feeling the merchants taking part in the Snowflake Hunt are seeing plenty of participation too.

We had so much fun, and people were saying “Let’s do something like this again soon!”, that I decided that on Sunday the 22nd, I’ll be throwing a birthday party there for yours truly. More skating, more dancing, more of the fantastic DJ Noir, and this time, cake! Keep an eye for more news about that.

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Photos from “The Nut” – Ballet in Second Life

I got an unexpected invitation to see a ballet in Second Life today, something I’d never done before. The Rose Opera House put on a performance called “The Nut”, which was an abridged version of the Nutcracker Ballet. Under the cut you’ll find my photos from today’s performance. Click each picture to see a larger version.
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