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I often wonder…

I often wonder if people who play pretendy-slave-time are ever members of a race descended from hundreds of years of REAL slave-time.

I often wonder if people who play pretendy-slave-time were ever in abusive relationships, or know someone who’s been in an abusive relationship, and how they reconcile that with pretendy-slave-time. And don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean BDSM. Even though that’s not my cup of tea I can at least respect it, especially when it embraces the mantra of “safe, sane, consensual”. Pretendy-slave-time strikes me as less than sane and often less than consensual.

I often wonder if people who play pretendy-slave-time would be OK with their kids playing pretendy-slave-time. Or if they consider that over 100,000 kids in this country are bought and sold into REAL slave-time per year, or if that really matters to them at all because after all it’s just pretendy time to them.

I often wonder why people who play pretendy-slave-time think that their pretendy-slave-time is art. Okay, maybe not often, but I sure wondered it today. But rather than wonder these things out loud, I just brought it back over here to my pretendy-blog-time. P.S., I’m no longer in Second Life Arts on Google+.

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Turn and face the strange

Just read that Bryn Oh has decided to resign from the LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts). I agree with her reasons completely.

I also read that a longtime favorite shop for menswear, AlphaMale, is closing.

Now I’m not going to get all Hamlet and go DEATHWATCH ZOMG. But the world of Second Life is changing. I’m no oldbie but I’m no longer a newbie either, and it’s uncomfortable for me to see things changing and not knowing if I am willing or able to change with it. Yes I know, I’m making this all about me me me again.

There are still amazing, incredible, “holy shit” things about SL that people make, lead, and do. Tons of them. Watch Drax’s show if you don’t believe me. I don’t think SL is dying. But it’s changing. And this grouchy old elf is biting her nails waiting to see what it changes to, all the while thinking “I can’t do THAT”.

I log on from time to time and feel this odd feeling of no longer being overwhelmed with things to plan and build and do. I don’t even have regular DJ gigs to worry about anymore. Freedom and Boredom must surely be siblings, though. On the one hand I don’t have to do anything. On the other, I don’t have anything to do. And that’s good while I’m moving house and studying IRL. But, it doesn’t keep me logged on for long these days.

Confession time: I’m playing Puzzle Pirates again for the first time in years. Look up Caitriona-West in the Cerulean Ocean if you play. Just got my first ship. It’ll be fun.

So anyway, Second Life does go on, with or without me.