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Lionheart Festival Plans Roaring Along

The post-Fantasy Faire shindig I’m planning, the Festival of King Richard, is roaring right along (see what I did there?). I’m getting more and more merchants (good ones at that!) and have almost filled my booths. I still have a couple Priority booths left and the rest are the regular ones.

Merchants will set up on May 3rd, and the gates open on May 4th. The festival runs through May 12th. Then clean-up day is on the 13th. And did I mention the quality of merchants? We’ve got everything from eyes to clothing to jewelry to flowers to landscaping to animations and furniture. Many of them will have games like gatchas. We’ve got a food court. We’ve got jousting lined up. Fireworks, storytellers, and a singer too.

If people don’t show up I’ll be pissed.

Tonight I should focus on goods for my own merchant booths, one for Manic Elf and one for Clover’s Kitchen. Clover has been working on some new mesh medieval food to debut. For the Manic Elf booth I got some of the sweetest tip jars you’ll ever see. You’ll want them if you have a medieval village of your own.

So… I should stop yakking. I’ll get something to eat and then it’s back to work for me.