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I get to be Eleanor of Aquitaine!

My Eleanor of Aquitaine costume. For the upcoming Festival of King Richard, coming to Lionheart (where else?) in May.
My Eleanor of Aquitaine costume. For the upcoming Festival of King Richard, coming to Lionheart (where else?) in May.

I love “Archimides” so very much. My RL husband and life’s partner, he is often the voice of reason when I start to getting overwhelmed. Well, planning this festival in May was starting to overwhelm me and I was in full-on panic mode yesterday.

“So here’s what you do,” he said to me last night as we were retiring, “Get a handful of your very closest friends, the people you trust the most, and form a kind of committee. People you know will be there to handle things when you can’t be.”

And so that’s what I did/am doing. These closest people in my inner circle, combined with the Lionheart staff who will take care of such important things as security and audio streams, are going to join up with me and help me make this festival successful, exciting, and fun.

Well, so, I thought it would be fun to let said people pick which part they get to play in the festival. And since it’s my festival, I get first pick. So, here I am in my Eleanor of Aquitaine costume. Eleanor was the mother of King Richard and his brother Prince John, and at the time of our story, is in her more twilight years, as the sons are grown and old enough to marry. In fact, Eleanor has found who she feels will be the perfect bride for her son Richard and the main “plot” of our festival will center around the marriage and coronation of the new Queen Berengaria.

Symmetry, my right-hand man and “drop dead deputy” for this undertaking, has chosen the role of Dame Julian of Norwich, a seer, anchoress, and (aptly) advisor.

I think that Krystal and PJ, also in my inner circle, have chosen Robin and Marian as their roles, and really I just can’t wait to see them in tights. Heh.

Since most of the staffers are men, they will probably get some of the choicest roles. Alvi, Dirk, and Rene will likely have to decide amongst themselves who gets to be Richard, John, the Sheriff, and others.

Wonder if Tel will be Blondel… hm…


What do you think?



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