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At least it can’t get any… oh.

So I understand that Magic Boxes are now slated to be shut down on April 2nd.

There goes all of Manic Elf’s inventory on Marketplace. The fun parade floats, and parade bikes? The books? The explosives I was going to add? BUZZER OF DENIAL.

And then there’s this other avatar I have too, the one who makes, like, all the money in the family and keeps the rent paid. The one who hasn’t had to pay out of pocket for Ls since 09 and makes contributions to the linden economy for each and every sale she makes on Marketplace.

OH BUT WAIT, you are saying, can you/she not simply switch to the Merchant Outbox?

Why yes, yes I could, IF I COULD USE THE FUCKING NEW VIEWER. Or, for that matter, if I could use the fucking OLD viewer! If LL and/or Firestorm could get a handle on backwards compatibility, I’d still be able to use the Merchant Outbox and even begin with a new line of products made of mesh. But that is not to be, since it was collectively decided that OS X 10.5 is obsolete and that NOTHING should work with it anymore.

So, unless the Computer Faery blesses me with a working way of upgrading my system OR enough dollar bills rain from the sky to get even a cheap-ass new laptop for SL, it looks an awful lot like Clover’s Kitchen will be in its mainstore location for only about 2 weeks longer than the 3 years it’ll have been there on April 2nd.

All good things must come to an end, I guess, whether I like it or not.



3 thoughts on “At least it can’t get any… oh.

  1. Suggestions..
    Have you tried using a windows emulator like Boot Camp?
    Or borrowing a friend’s laptop/comp for a few hrs?
    Or maybe befriend a local net cafe and convince em to let you install SL?
    The actual changeover is usually just a matter of throwing your magic box inventory into the new system, and then changing your existing listings to reflect that they’re being served from the new system – it took me approx 3 hrs for 200ish listings.

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