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Think Flatterbots don’t listen when you talk back? Think again.

Backing the truck up, those of you who haven’t encountered them yet, a Flatterbot is a (duh) bot that IMs you randomly.  Their usual MO is to start by either accusing you of bumping them or else claiming to be catching up with you, their long lost friend.  They then compliment your avatar, give you a long sob story about an ex-boyfriend that made them log off, and their brave return to start SL all over again… and oh by the way, could you maybe “loan” me 300L to get a new avatar put together?

This is all old news for many of us by now. Many shops now have signage warning about this practice, and many blogs have covered what to look out for and not to fall for it.

But up until today, I was under the impression that any amount of reply to a Flatterbot went largely ignored or unheard by their anonymous programmer. I was wrong. And apparently I touched a nerve.

Below the cut, my complete interaction with just one such Flatterbot while I was shopping in Henmations.

For somewhat ease of reading, the usual “script” is bolded; the actual conversation left plain.

[2012/12/31 14:28] EvilPrincessGoon: omg how are you, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you!
[2012/12/31 14:29] EvilPrincessGoon: I’m just kidding, we aren’t friends but we can be! I was just bored waiting for everything to load
[2012/12/31 14:29] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): OMG YOU’RE A FLATTERBOT! I FINALLY GOT TO MEET ONE!
[2012/12/31 14:30] EvilPrincessGoon: Happy almost New Year 😀
[2012/12/31 14:30] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): I really feel like this is a milestone. May I take your picture?
[2012/12/31 14:30] EvilPrincessGoon: I just decided to log in today after 2 years! But for whatever reason my password on my old account won’t work BLAH –
[2012/12/31 14:30] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): oh DO go on.
[2012/12/31 14:31] EvilPrincessGoon: my name was Alatta Rage before which was such a cool name 😦 now I am stuck with this stupid name and RESIDENT – that is an ugly last name!
[2012/12/31 14:31] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): FAscinating, because your profile says otherwise. [note: profile said her former name was Jealous Rage.]
[2012/12/31 14:31] EvilPrincessGoon: were you thinking about cursing me out? haha
[2012/12/31 14:32] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): Do go on.
[2012/12/31 14:32] EvilPrincessGoon: wow your avatar looks so cool, what skin are you wearing?
[2012/12/31 14:32] EvilPrincessGoon: I am not very good at anything that has to do with art, I never make good avatars! Did you make yours?
[2012/12/31 14:32] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): Purple.
[2012/12/31 14:32] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): Thursday.
[2012/12/31 14:33] EvilPrincessGoon: I logged in for like the first time in a year yesterday, can’t believe how it has changed here
[2012/12/31 14:33] EvilPrincessGoon: have you been in SL for a long time?

[2012/12/31 14:33] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): So where’s the part where you shut up and let me shop?
[2012/12/31 14:34] EvilPrincessGoon: being back here after so long I don’t remember anything about the sliders at all, I keep making a chubby round face lol
[2012/12/31 14:34] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): I read that the person who scripted you makes something to the tune of 40k Lindens per day.
[2012/12/31 14:34] EvilPrincessGoon: .. mesh is so crazy! and the new skins, I don’t even know many of the creators anymore. Who makes the best skins now?
[2012/12/31 14:35] EvilPrincessGoon: I quit because this guy I was seeing from SL asked me to stop playing :(( and I listened because I am stupid 😦

[2012/12/31 14:35] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): 40k, that’s, what, something like 153 dollars per day
[2012/12/31 14:35] EvilPrincessGoon: he said there were too many guys in here and he got jealous.I should have thought it was weird that he was so insecure…
[2012/12/31 14:36] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): Here I work and honest living making maybe 250 a week
[2012/12/31 14:36] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): not counting deductions of course
[2012/12/31 14:36] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): when really all I have to do is throw my conscience out the window
[2012/12/31 14:36] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): hats off to you
[2012/12/31 14:36] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): But no really, you need to stfu now tho
[2012/12/31 14:36] EvilPrincessGoon: meanwhile, he would come on here and give girls his phone number, which I didn’t find out until one of them messaged me and I got the offline in my email.
[2012/12/31 14:37] EvilPrincessGoon: I was seeing him IRL and everything like once a month, usually I paid for the plane tickets – meanwhile he was calling girls from SL telling them he loved them.

[2012/12/31 14:37] EvilPrincessGoon: more than 40
[2012/12/31 14:37] EvilPrincessGoon: where did yu read that
[2012/12/31 14:37] EvilPrincessGoon: on the vanity bot page?
[2012/12/31 14:37] EvilPrincessGoon: or ?
[2012/12/31 14:37] EvilPrincessGoon: have you ever dated anyone in SL?
[2012/12/31 14:37] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): oh, I see it’s gotten more complex.
[2012/12/31 14:37] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): Fascinating.
[2012/12/31 14:38] EvilPrincessGoon: not really
[2012/12/31 14:38] EvilPrincessGoon: I’m typing to yo
[2012/12/31 14:38] EvilPrincessGoon: sorry to treat you like you are my therapist or something 😦 guess I just needed to talk about it
[2012/12/31 14:38] EvilPrincessGoon: you
[2012/12/31 14:38] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): oh there there wee lamb
[2012/12/31 14:38] EvilPrincessGoon: whats the pint of making it more “complex”
[2012/12/31 14:38] EvilPrincessGoon: in this form it’s just what it is intended to be
[2012/12/31 14:38] EvilPrincessGoon: then right after that because I was so angry, I wanted to message the girls and tell them how I felt, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it
[2012/12/31 14:39] EvilPrincessGoon: when I roll out the next phase of it it will be better I suppose
[2012/12/31 14:39] EvilPrincessGoon: but I haven’t been assed to work on it much
[2012/12/31 14:39] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): Indeed. You have to stay ahead of the curve.
[2012/12/31 14:39] EvilPrincessGoon: but here I am back again, starting over as a newb. Everything that I had in my inventory was so out of date anyway
[2012/12/31 14:39] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): This script is all old news by now
[2012/12/31 14:39] EvilPrincessGoon: I could chane it
[2012/12/31 14:39] EvilPrincessGoon: it’s all changeable
[2012/12/31 14:39] EvilPrincessGoon: the whole thing could be completely random
[2012/12/31 14:40] EvilPrincessGoon: to each person
[2012/12/31 14:40] EvilPrincessGoon: your avatar is really nice though truly, one of the best ones I have seen since I have been back, you should be proud of it, you did an amazing job
[2012/12/31 14:40] EvilPrincessGoon: I only went back and rndomized a few things when I implemented that
[2012/12/31 14:40] EvilPrincessGoon: mind if I ask a favor :X
[2012/12/31 14:40] EvilPrincessGoon: ok so you’re upset with me for having a clear objective when it’s been blasted and posted and
[2012/12/31 14:40] EvilPrincessGoon: the wholeof SL is informed
[2012/12/31 14:41] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): I won’t say upset, just annoyed.
[2012/12/31 14:41] EvilPrincessGoon: Would there be any way possible that you would consider letting me borrow 300l so I can make my avatar a little like yours?
[2012/12/31 14:41] EvilPrincessGoon: because you read it on what SlVanitybots?
[2012/12/31 14:41] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): I didn’t even know of SLVanityBots
[2012/12/31 14:41] EvilPrincessGoon: meanwhil that hick is a notd coybotter
[2012/12/31 14:41] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): but I’m not surprised
[2012/12/31 14:41] EvilPrincessGoon: I want to reinvent myself in SL, no dating unless the guy is just like so amazing that I can’t resist it
[2012/12/31 14:41] EvilPrincessGoon: copybotter
[2012/12/31 14:41] EvilPrincessGoon: who steals sapes ad sell them
[2012/12/31 14:41] EvilPrincessGoon: oh well
[2012/12/31 14:42] EvilPrincessGoon: thank you so much!!!
[2012/12/31 14:42] EvilPrincessGoon: sorry I hve lag typing like a 3 year old
[2012/12/31 14:42] EvilPrincessGoon: idk what blog youread ten
[2012/12/31 14:42] EvilPrincessGoon: then
[2012/12/31 14:42] EvilPrincessGoon: i disclosed my financials to one peson
[2012/12/31 14:42] EvilPrincessGoon: some male blog owner
[2012/12/31 14:43] EvilPrincessGoon: im sorry that the oligarchy herehas stopped ou fro making money
[2012/12/31 14:44] EvilPrincessGoon: truth hawkes doesn’t make 200 a week thats for sure
[2012/12/31 14:44] EvilPrincessGoon: redgrave doesn’t laq doesnt vista barnes doesn’t
[2012/12/31 14:44] EvilPrincessGoon: why doesn’t your sht sell
[2012/12/31 14:45] EvilPrincessGoon: and that is somhow in relation to me?
[2012/12/31 14:45] EvilPrincessGoon: somehow
[2012/12/31 14:45] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): I seem to have hit a nerve.
[2012/12/31 14:45] EvilPrincessGoon: I don’t fuck with the economy here
[2012/12/31 14:45] EvilPrincessGoon: no
[2012/12/31 14:45] EvilPrincessGoon: I justdon’t ee how it’s my problem your suff doesn’t sell
[2012/12/31 14:46] EvilPrincessGoon: shouldn’t you e taking that up with the people who ake similar stuff ?
[2012/12/31 14:46] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): I seem to have given a mistaken impression somehow.
[2012/12/31 14:47] EvilPrincessGoon: how is my bot in any relation to you income?
[2012/12/31 14:47] EvilPrincessGoon: well yo said ou mad 250.00 a week
[2012/12/31 14:47] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): but it’s got you fascinated enough that you are STILL talking to me, long after your bot’s script is over
[2012/12/31 14:47] EvilPrincessGoon: you said you made
[2012/12/31 14:48] EvilPrincessGoon: I wouldn’t call it dascination
[2012/12/31 14:48] EvilPrincessGoon: fascination
[2012/12/31 14:48] EvilPrincessGoon: I would just say a little curiousity as to how Icontriute to the sucess o failure of your buiness here
[2012/12/31 14:48] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): And that’s where you are mistaken, I was not referring to a business in SL.
[2012/12/31 14:49] EvilPrincessGoon: oh soyou makee crappy money
[2012/12/31 14:49] EvilPrincessGoon: go to school?
[2012/12/31 14:49] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): But you are surprisingly defensive following an idle comment to what I presumed was the usual bot’s script
[2012/12/31 14:49] EvilPrincessGoon: get a better job or a creative idea idk
[2012/12/31 14:51] EvilPrincessGoon: no I’m just in awe o how anythin I dohas manufactured feelings of jealousy or resentment
[2012/12/31 14:51] EvilPrincessGoon: listen my bo is completely exposed as stated
[2012/12/31 14:52] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): sorry, your bo?
[2012/12/31 14:53] Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower (mistletoe.ethaniel): Hm, guess the show’s over.
[here I muted]

Perhaps our bot scripter needs to stick to just conversing with a pre-programmed script, because when actually engaged, she seems to have a difficult time in dealing with real-time interaction. Of course she is in awe of how it has “manufactured” feelings of jealousy or resentment, because she doesn’t get that what she is doing is committing fraud.

She even says to BlaiseJoshua Resident, “I’m like a bum on the street; most people are pretty sure that he has a home and they give him a dollar knowing he’s probably not going to buy a hamburger with it. It’s just panhandling in SL… A lot of the content in SL is provided by deception, so it’s not really the same world. RL and SL don’t follow the same standard.”

She goes on to say, “What I do isn’t illegal; I offer nothing in return. No exchange is made. To scam you, I would have to tell you that I am offering you something for monetary compensation; I don’t ask for anything.”

And that simply isn’t true. This person is either too stupid or too arrogant to know (or care) that what they’re doing is misrepresenting herself to strangers (“borrow”, where I come from, implies “I’ll return it another time”, for starters) and I do believe genuinely thinks that she’s doing nothing either immoral nor illegal, and that clearly the problem is me somehow for not making as much as her.

Or something. I think that’s what she’s getting at.

At any rate, guard your pockets, don’t be stupid, report bots, keep your friends informed, and so on.



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