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Cecil B. DeMistletoe

I’m inspired again.

My friend Thaddeus has taken a new project under his wing and is organizing a Grid-wide Hunt called Antiques Grid Show Autumn Hunt. It will feature 30 merchants offering antique home & garden goods, clothing, and jewelry. And he had the idea to approach me about making a silent-film style video to promote it.

And so that’s what I’ve started doing. I’m blogging now when I really should be making costumes for my Keystone Cops.

Quick word of best wishes and hopes for a complete and speedy recovery to R. Crap Mariner (or rather, to the human behind the avatar of said), who is awaiting surgery. We’re all pulling for you, except perhaps a certain white-suited ninny who’s probably working on his CRAP DEATHWATCH post as we speak. Fuck him. We’ll try and keep him and Catherine the Greatly Disturbed at bay until you’re back in the ring.



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