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Elf At Work

Well I have not been idle.

First thing first, himself is going to Ohio on Tuesday, a little less than a week from today, and returning on the following Saturday.

Once again, I can not say it enough, thank you from the bottom of my little shriveled black heart to everyone who’s helped out in any way, great or small or medium.  You’re the best friends an elf could ever want.  I’m truly lucky to know you all.

Himself finally received the paycheck he’s been waiting for since at least May, maybe longer. My reaction was “Woohoo! Let’s have sex on it, right now.” Instead we opted to take it to the bank. But if anyone asks, oh yeah, we totally got some people-on-check action on.

So now not only can we afford to get him out there, we can also afford to get him back. I approve heartily of that.

I’ve also been writing a bit. I’ve been working on a book called Oh The Places You’ll Pillage, intended originally as a gift for a young friend of mine with a viking persona who’s going off to college. And, I’m starting a (very) vague script for a full-length action-adventure silent film. Working title: Dr. Dangerous and the Eye of Bast. Very exciting stuff. That is, once I figure out just what that stuff will be.

Blackberries are starting to ripen, IRL. I snack on them regularly and put them on my cheerios in the morning. It’s one of those small free joys that makes living here tolerable.



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