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RL Rears Its Ugly Head

I always liked that phrase. ¬†Such good imagery. ¬†“Rears its ugly head” conjures up images of a sleeping monster suddenly awakened, and as soon as you see that head come up, oh kids you know you’re in for it.

Well, the ugly head that RL has reared in our world is none other than The Big One itself. It’s not death that’s already happened, however; nor is it a death that’s preventable. It’s not a “matter of life and death”, no no, it’s a matter of just death.

Himself’s mother, in Ohio, is dying. I won’t go too much into the uncomfortable details except to say that she’s of sound mind and in such state has refused a feeding tube, and her power of attorney has made the difficult (but, I believe, right) decision to abide by that.

We’re struggling, and I do mean struggling, to scrape together the money to get him out to Ohio to see her in time. I can’t go with him, because we don’t know how long a period he would be there, and with my work schedule and the four-footed-kid to take care of, it’s really just best to fly him (and only him) out there and have him stay with his sister’s family for as long as is necessary.

At my RL workplace, I’ve been selling CDs I made back in ’06. Kids’ bedtime stories. Small glimmer of silver in the lining, it’s been motivation for me to start getting my work out. And, so far, I’ve sold a small handful. The type of people who frequent my workplace really aren’t the ideal audience for that CD, so knowing that, I say it’s done surprisingly well.

Tomorrow night 8:30 PM in SL I’m doing a DJ set at my friend Tel’s club, the Cat’s Meow, in the hopes of getting some more Ls to put toward himself’s travel fund.

And, I’m not comfortable with asking this, but this isn’t about my comfort zone. There’s a button in the right margin, where you can make a PayPal donation if you really want to, to help us out. I know himself would really appreciate this and so would I, so… please.

And thank you.

Edit: It’s been brought to my attention that something may be amiss with the button. Until I can get my ape brain to figure out what, the PayPal address is peaseblossomscloset (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Also, I want to take a moment to thank the people who have donated, who have given the message signal boost, and who have done some amazing legwork to put this in the realm of possibility, rather than just hoping against hope. I can’t say how much I appreciate the wonderful people I’m so fortunate to know. In no particular order: Lelani for her amazing Travel Agent Powerz, her generous donation, and for blogging about this; Honour for retweeting the link; Carrie for retweeting the link and her generous donation; Crap for both retweeting the link and for his generous donation; Tel for loaning me his club as a venue and for his generous donation; PJ for her generous donation and hugs; Wulf for his generous donation… I hope I don’t forget anyone, but if I do, please know it’s not my intent and I thank you more than words can express. I’m not ashamed to say I cried today, knowing what amazing people are in my life.