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How to be a Terrible SL Cyberlover

©Humm Magazine March 3, 2011

Okay. Let’s say you’ve already taken care of the preliminaries. You’ve got your stock SL body adjusted for maximum sexiness: for women, boobs and legs at 100%, the rest of you as skinny as you can make her. For men: shoulders and muscularity likewise maxed out , over a tiny wasp waist with no ass, and your Av as big as you can possibly make him, because you know women find that lummox-on-steroids look absolutely irresistible. You’ve got on your found-in-the-gutter  freebie hair–for women, that shapeless Lego-like blob, preferably in red; for men, either He-Man shoulder-length locks or the newer, urban-hip, close-to-the-skull brown fuzz that makes you look like your head’s been flocked. You’re wearing your new sexy threads that look like they’re painted on because they are, and you’ve got that Super-Noobie spastic-bird-walking-into-the-wind gait down pat. You’re…

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