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Anyone who’s read my blog for at least one of its four years has probably picked up on a pattern by now. Then again I flatter myself, to think anyone really gives enough of a good god damn about my SL habits to look for a pattern. Anyway what I’m getting at is this: when summer, and especially July, comes about, the number of fucks I give for SL takes a nosedive.

A lot of that is seasonal, of course. Summer in Maine is very short. My one weekend of vacation occurs in July. My wedding anniversary is in July. My nieces are on summer vacation so we finally get a chance to hang out. As a result of all of these seasonal occurrences, RL not only comes first (as it always does), it plainly overshadows SL interests in ways that aren’t equalled in other months.

Consider, too, SL right now. The bubble has burst, make no mistake; the big crowds that were at the medieval faire I organized in August of 08 simply don’t exist anymore. Now I don’t buy wholly into the idea that SL is doomed and that the other shoe will drop at X date and after that SL will be Gone Forever. I think it’s more like when the “dot-com” bubble burst: it didn’t kill the Internet, obviously. I’m still here, you’re still here. It’s probably more like the Hype Cycle, and right now, SL is in the trough.

Add to that the fact that my most productive avatar, the one that I build most with and make most money with, still can’t log in. So, shop work isn’t happening. So my interest is waning more still.

And finally, back to RL a moment, I’m working on a book. More information on that another time. I’m trying to stay focused on it as much as I can, to keep it from becoming yet another project that I start and then forget about.

But, anyway, those who (I flatter myself to think) are worried about not seeing me much lately inworld? Don’t be. It’s just July is all.