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Bitten By the Bug

So yesterday, just for fun, I downloaded CaptureMe. It’s a free/opensource screen-and-video capture application for the Mac. Its video capabilities are limited; it will shoot up to 60 seconds of video, but no audio.

Well, that got me thinking about a medium that used images but no audio: old-fashioned silent films.

So, to familiarize myself with the process and to try it out, I made this.

I think it’s gonna give Citizen Kane a run for its money. It’s got a little bit of something for everyone, I think: cute burlesque moves and lots of leg for those who are into women; cute clothing for those who aren’t.

Well now I’m all bitten by the bug, as it were. I want to make an honest-to-goodness movie now, with plot and characters and everything. I don’t know WHAT said plot will be, right yet. I don’t need anything too epic, I’m not looking to make Birth of a Nation here or anything. But while I’m sorting that out, I’ve been working on the rest of the day-at-the-movies experience. I’ve got a burlesque short, done, bully for me, I’m almost done with a “newsreel” about the Great Fire of Antique Square (THIS IS MY NOTE TO MYSELF: ASK LELANI IF YOU CAN USE HER PICTURES KTHX), and I’m even dabbling with a short cartoon idea.

Thaddeus is toying with the idea of re-opening his movie theater, in Steelhead. I’m thinking a film festival, or at least picture show, would be a really cool thing to share there.

I might even do a tutorial on making silent movies, using CaptureMe and iMovie. Think anyone would be interested in that?

By the way, the music came from this excellent website. He’s got a ton of royalty-free music to use, including a suprisingly large silent movie score selection, that’s free so long as you give him credit for it.



2 thoughts on “Bitten By the Bug

  1. Awesome! That turned out quite nicely. Hey, Derren turned me onto a freebie movie program called Fraps. Might wanna give that one a go, too! Again, great job! 😀 (Nice gams, btw…er…. stockings, that is!)

    1. I looked into that and may give it a try on the Mac-a-rooni at some point. I am still quite new to it all as yet.

      I KNEW that semester in TV production would come in handy one day. Just never imagined this being the outlet for it!

      And thanks 😉

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