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Destruction at Antique Square

So last night was, as promised, my biggest and most explosive fireworks show ever. The opening didn’t go according to plan; I had a whole carefully programmed (pyreographed?) show to accompany Fanfare for the Common Man. And I was going to have the text spell out the well-known sentence from the Preamble to the Declaration: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” etc. But the text launcher decided it would fire text when it wanted to, not when I wanted it to, so I finally took it back into inventory and just kinda winged it.

The downside to that was that I had way more explosives going than I wanted, that early in the program. I like to crescendo my way in with these. Start small, build up. It’s the pyrotechnician’s rule: don’t blow your load in the first two minutes. Lots of people, actually, could gain from this knowledge. I’m looking at YOU, ex-boyfriend. But I digress!

The upside to the show was, with the scope of the finale, nobody even remembers the opening number.

During the finale, accompanied by a rousing USMC band recording of Stars And Stripes Forever, cannons were firing balloons and explody bits, when things started catching fire. The pavilion roof, a couple nearby trees.

“The roof is on fire!” someone exclaimed. And I went to play exactly that song over the stream (“Fire Water Burn” by the Bloodhound Gang).

The fire soon spread, catching in a few shop windows. Within minutes, the whole square was engulfed in flames.

And we danced our asses off.

As we danced, Thaddeus and I began collapsing structures, making them physical and de-linking them. Meanwhile a few French-Revolution-era RPers decided that dammit, we’re going to exchange pleasantries and tell our backstories, plot be damned!

Lelani got some great pictures up at her profile stream, documenting the devastation. I hope she won’t mind if I share a few of my favorites here.

Fireworks over an antique village during a drought. What could possibly go wrong? Photo: Lelani Carver
“Oh, and do you visit Paris often?” THERE IS A FIRE HERE YOU GUYS. Photo: Lelani Carver
Flames begin to spread. Photo: Lelani Carver
“You Simply Can Not Miss This Fireworks Extravaganza!” (detail) Photo: Lelani Carver

Later on in the evening TotalLunar Eclipse rezzed some giant wrecking balls to really finish the job. I didn’t get to see them, as I was trapped under some rubble in the pond, keeping my head above water, at the time. But, again, Lelani got pictures. Go and see.

I’m told, at the end of it all, that when Thaddeus was deleting rubble, Lunar asked him to rez it all out and do it again! Ha!

I’m disappointed, but not surprised, that more of the former merchants at Antique Square didn’t show up. I say not surprised because they barely ever showed up for other events either. But a few did, like Ms. DeCuir (her first name eludes me right now) from Ma Mia. I didn’t get to visit much because, you know, demolition really does take a lot of planning and execution in SL. The greater turnout came from the Steelhead community, who seem like a capital bunch of folks. But yeah, not a lot of the former merchants. Oh well. They were there to pay tier and try to sell stuff. They weren’t interested in boomy fun I guess. Either way no skin off my prim ears.

So, goodbye to the Square. Hello future.



2 thoughts on “Destruction at Antique Square

  1. Mist, it was a blast of an evening! We were there until the wee hours of the night/morning. The crowd widdled down to just a small handful, but an excellent handful at that. Thanks for all of your assistance and your superb job of DJing and Fireworks!

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