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A Faster Way to Program Your Fireworks

So if you’re a pyromaniac– er, pyrotechnician in Second Life, like me, then surely you’re familiar with the DeCuir programmable launchers. They are, and rightly so, an industry standard for blowing things up artfully.

But, if you want to program your own show, it can get a bit time-consuming. You click “queue”. Wait for the menu. Scroll from page to page. Select your effect. Wait for another menu to load to select your delay, and so on. With the Big Night drawing ever closer, you want a quick and easy way to program those notecards to put in your HUD for the show.

Well today, after rigorous testing and observation, I’ve figured out that way. I’ve cracked the code that probably many before me also have, but I’m actually going to tell you how it works.

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