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Burn Baby Burn

The big closing party for Antique Square is being moved to Wednesday night, the 4th. Seems a good night to light fireworks FOR SOME REASON. I mentioned blowing stuff up artfully, before. Well, inspired largely by Crap’s idea for demolishing SL9B builds, I thought, you know, we can make the ending every bit as entertaining as the opening. All good things must come to an end, but nobody said it had to be a quiet or serious end.

So, you take one pyromaniac elf, lots of pretty explosives, and a quarter-sim build ready to pack it up.

I think we can make this work.

Here’s where you can help: I’m composing a playlist for the afterparty, and am looking for ideas for songs (of any genre) with the theme of FIRE (seeings how I’m a pyromaniac elf). Post your suggestions in the comments.

And look for an invitation soon.