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I agree, this is a wonderful thing to do, especially as time is running short to enjoy them all.

SL9B Community Event

Howdy, folks.

Once the torrent of last-minute requests for parcel name, description, landing point, and music stream changes finally let up, I made it my goal to wander through every exhibit at SL9B to see what y’all are sharing about yourselves and your communities with everyone out there.

And when people ask me for the SLURL or landmark of my own build, I’ve refused to give it out, saying “Go explore them all, and you’ll eventually come across mine.”

In my travels, I’ve been tossing a lot of my snapshots up to the SL9B Flickr Group, but there’s plenty more Second Life groups you can add your Flickr shots to. (Even an Official Second Life one the Lab uses for gathering snapshots of the day and other marketing material… read their terms first, okay?)

You can also post your travels to your mySL social feed, Google Plus, Facebook… whatever…

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  1. My favourites. Here goes:

    KT – Awesome and inspirational 😉

    Serafin Galli – Probably my favourite hangout of the whole SL9B expo!

    Noke Yutza (Future Communites) – Style, pure style!

    Tah Crazyboi – Loved the little park area!

    and lastly…

    Loz Hyde – The genius of Escher, recreated by, well, genius 🙂

    Have to say, all in all, the best show I have been to.

      1. Well, it’s on the SL9B blog too, and I have told two, personally, but I wanted to make it more public

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