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Ure gonna love this one.

So the other day, Clover got a quick “Greetings!” IM and a notecard. I really don’t know how to make PLEASE IM ME FIRST bigger or more capital in her profile, but anyway, here comes a notecard with a marketplace invitation.

It has been my experience that branch shops tend to cost more than they pay, with some occasional exceptions. Why this is, I could speculate all day, but what it all comes down to is this: if I’m going to open a branch shop in your marketplace, it has to be worth my while to do so, in one way or another. Even if I don’t make a profit in a branch shop, if it introduces my product to a considerably wider audience, that may be an example of worthwhile.

But, back to this notecard, which was such a lesson in what not to do I’ve decided to make an example of it for the Know-it-all Pages.

Greetings Lady Clover

(we thought ure items would be perfect in our [redacted to protect the poor bastards’ identity])

It is my pleasure to invite you to take a store in [Redacted]. we are busy pre booking designers we feel will add to the area. We do not charge rent for a store in [our market], instead we take 35 percent commission of sales. As we feel the market needs to have only items that enhance and we believe in win win, If there is traffic and sales we should both be rewarded if not why should you lose.

currently 75 percent of the stores are already pre booked so we are looking for the remainder.

a commission script will be provided to you to place in ure vendors should this be of interest, We allow one flip vendor eg a hippo vendor, expect you to have 4 specials a year be it a sale or a discount or freebie and have 10 percent new items on display every month so a small rotation or the likes just to keep the market interesting,

[Sim] is the new Capital of the [estate] and [our market] will service all merchant and trade rp as well as real Linden sales. it will also have on going events etc.

So let’s talk about where our friend went wrong here, and why his notecard will forever live unanswered in the slush pile.

Seriously, spelling and grammar are ure your friends.

If a second grader can get a handle on “your/you’re”, so can you. If you’re not clear, then check with your friends, family, or teacher.

“Ure” is not, never was, never will be, a word in the English language. Mess it up once and it might be excused as a typo. Twice, and you will be mocked.

This notecard is so full of terrible grammar, spelling, and punctuation, it’s hard to begin to take it seriously. Is this place a serious business or not?

Ure Your business model, while interesting, is unwise.

I have never seen any place that says “we don’t charge rent” last more than a month. Never. Ever. They may exist longer if the sim owner has enough disposable pocket money to shovel into the endless digital black hole that a rent-free land becomes.

Merchants who rent booths or branch shops are used to paying rent to do so. And if our business is a successful one, then we likely can afford it, especially if it’s an active marketplace. Don’t think that asking merchants to pay a reasonable amount of rent is going to drive them away.

Part of what will bring shoppers into your marketplace is your merchants bringing their own customer base in for a look. But let me ask you. Suppose you have a main store (where customers pay you 100% for your products) and a branch shop (where customers pay you 65% for your products). What benefit would it provide you, the merchant, to ask your customers to go and buy your products for significantly less there than they do here, in your own main store? You yourself asked: why should I lose?

Now, I do have some affiliate shops here and there in the grid. Three, in fact. Each affiliate vendor is someone I know personally, with whom I’ve sat down and talked, and with whom I make the same arrangement. That arrangement is the same for all of my authorized dealers: 20% for them. If the people I know and trust make 20%, why should I give some stranger I’ve never met 35%? Especially when there’s a good chance that stranger won’t even be there in a month’s time?

Whatever! I do what I want!

I wish this market owner the best of luck in getting his vendors to do what he wants. 10% new products every month? My shop has approximately 120 items, and I sure as hell don’t come up with 12 new products per month. If I don’t do this in my own shop, I see no reason to do it in yours.

I do have a branch shop in which I come up with sales or specials every month or so, but not because I’m required to. And if I didn’t, I sure wouldn’t catch hell from the market owner. And I can’t reiterate this enough: you don’t make money by giving your products away. I don’t like you dictating to me how I price my items, especially if you’re already raking in 35% of my sales!

Some requirements of merchants are important, even necessary. No adult/BDSM items in a family-friendly market. No items that aren’t in theme with the market, such as motorcycles in a medieval market. These make sense. But pricing and promotional requirements and rules really don’t. You’re asking me to do as much work as I do at my main shop– more in some cases– and again, I don’t get near as much in sales as if I just stick to promoting my own main store.

And so, market owners, here are some traps to avoid falling into. Charge a reasonable rent. If you go the affiliate route, do so on the merchant’s terms. Don’t require specific pricing, inventory, or promotional demands. And don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining; you’re not doing me a favor, you’re really asking me to do you one. And I’m going to have to say no, thank you.

This is in the SL Business section of the Know-it-All pages. Check for others related to running your Second Life business more wisely.



2 thoughts on “Ure gonna love this one.

  1. Hi Mistletoe, nice rant! 🙂 I have closed my satellite shops, because they didn’t pay anymore. I also don’t read these invitations anymore. LL promotes their marketplace, and in-world commercial spaces are dying, that’s maybe why some of the desparate owners come up with their not well elaborated “ideas”. However, I don’t know how the future of SL will look like without working commercial areas. Many people pay the tier fees for their club or hangout places by renting shops, and I’ve already noticed that some of my favorite places are gone.

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