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Happy Rezday to Clover!

I would have let the day slip by unnoticed, had I not received a message from Lionheart Central Authority, wishing me (Clover) a happy rez day and telling me I get one free day of tier! Whee!

Clover was first created three years ago, about 5 months following Mistletoe’s creation, making her my second oldest avatar. Originally she was made as a “get away from the drama” as well as a “leave me alone and let me build stuff” avatar, but it wasn’t long before she took on a life of her own. In RP land she’s Mistletoe’s younger but more conservative sister, and I made her a single mom in tribute to my RL sister (who, while a mom, is no longer single).

Clover, March 2009.

Clover got her name from my RL sister’s birthday. I figured, if my RL birthday is on the winter solstice and I’m called Mistletoe, someone with a birthday in mid-March may be named something equally seasonal, and so Clover it was.

“Ethaniel” was already retired as a name by the time Clover was rezzed, so I picked “Windlow” because it sounded like a respectably elfy name (Later, when I created Clover’s daughter Petal, “Windlow” was already retired as well).  Clover is eternally 300 years old (whether that’s true or not…), and likes to remind Mistletoe which of the sisters is the old one.

Clover started making foodstuffs, both as a challenging creative medium and to sell. She made a concession stand for a medieval faire and was authoritatively told that nobody would ever actually pay for virtual food in Second Life.

Clover's Makeover, late 2009

Just for fun (and to try to prove the guy wrong) she opened a small booth in the local market and was surprised at just how many people were actually paying for virtual food in Second Life. The booth grew to a double booth, and that grew to the bottom floor in a three-story shop building.

February 2009 was the last time I (as Clover) bought Ls out of pocket.  It was for a set of sculpt maps.

By October of 2009 it became evident that in order to expand any more, Clover’s Kitchen would need its own parcel. Its grand opening of its first ever Main Store in the sim of Mandaland took place that Halloween.

With the opening in a modern sim came a more modern look for Clover, with shorter hair and a 21st-century business wardrobe.  Clover’s Kitchen flourished until I took a hiatus from Second Life in December 2009.  I returned just a few months later.

Clover's campaign photo, September 2010

Clover’s Kitchen needed a new home, and a spot was found in the modern city of Lionheart (and the neighborhood of Mohatu) in March 2010.  My good friend Teleny MacArthur graciously loaned me 3000L interest-free to purchase the parcel, and Clover went to work right away, having a grand re-opening (aptly) on St. Patrick’s Day.

The shop celebrated its one-year anniversary this past March.  Between opening and then, Clover got ambitious and ran for public office (and realized quickly to be careful what to wish for), started and still runs the intermittently-updating Lionheart Times, pulled off a moderately successful multi-business Winter Carnival, and even had a romantic relationship for a short while.

But, her shop is truly her first love, and anything else tends to fall by the wayside (unless it’s named Petal).

So, there you have it, a brief history of my other main avatar.  I don’t feel right calling Clover an alt; she’s almost as old an avatar as Mistletoe and logs easily as many hours (and perhaps even more).  And today she’s three years old.