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Disabling the Damnable Point-Click-Move

Go to Preferences, then your Move & View tab. Right down there near the bottom is the drop-down that lets you change it from the default (“moved to clicked point”) to “No action”, the way Jesus intended.



2 thoughts on “Disabling the Damnable Point-Click-Move

  1. The sad thing is I’m one of the people who really, really, really campaigned for this feature.

    And now I disable it.

    I’m not sure exactly what – but they just got it all wrong. Point to click disables my ability to click my avatar and use that to turn and walk…

    In MMOs, which pretty much -ALL- use point to click, they also let you turn with the mouse without clicking anything, or by clicking the avatar and moving the mouse (MMO depending).

    SL just couldn’t seem to give us both at the same time. I click my avatar to turn, and suddenly I’m moving forward…

    Why not use our hit-box, and have that area be click to select self, but anywhere else click to move. The hit-box as its known in MMOs, is out ‘Agent’ in SL. Its what you get back a number for if you use a height script – it goes from somewhere in the feet up to the eyes (this is why height meters often have a formula to guess the distance from your eyes to the top of your hair…)

    Or L-click for one, R-click for the other.


    But they just seem to have done it in the one way I could never have thought of on my own – having used other virtual worlds, it just never occurred to me that someone might think point to click needed to be in exclusion of click to self self and drive movement with mouse…


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