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Family Halloween Costumes

Let me start right away by saying that I’m not going to make a fashion post out of this so much as a “lookit our costumes!” post. I don’t know/recall where I got the outfits and lots of them are mix-and-match anyways.

Mistletoe’s isn’t so much a costume as a Halloween-ish themed dress. I love the printed skeleton pattern on it. My friend Julius says “It says ‘Look at me, just not like that.'”. I remember that I got it on Marketplace, and that it was called Miss Boneyard or something of the sort. The necklace came from a hunt I did like two years ago.

Clover likes to dress in a costume that she can wear trick-or-treating with her kid, so the myriad “slutty witch/slutty pirate/slutty vampire/etc” options are off the table. Sure, the more revealing outfits are fine for Aunt Mistletoe, but it’s just not Clover’s speed. So she was very happy to find this elegant Red Riding Hood costume at Marketplace. It comes with a shorter skirt option if she chooses to go to an adults-only party after Petal goes to bed.

Last year, Petal went as Velma. This year she was going to go as Hermione, one of her favorite characters. But then she got the idea to go as another one of her favorite Hogwarts students: Luna. This is a mix-and-match outfit.

Uncle Archimides didn’t dress up. Yet. Mistletoe might talk him into it yet.




5 thoughts on “Family Halloween Costumes

  1. Oh damn that is cute 😀 But remind me to Halloween days last week when cute childrens did ring on my door and I didn´t have any sweets. They were pretty sad and me too as they were so cute and friendly. I was ashamed of the fact that I couldn´t give them sweets. 🙂

    1. Here if that happens there’s a chance they’ll “TP” (and I don’t mean teleport) your house. Did you have to clean toilet paper from your yard after?

      1. Halloween is pretty new in germany and it came over here because it was hyped by the tv stations. So its the thirfd or fourth year I see people ringing on the doors asking for sweets. I usualy had sweets but as mentioned this time not and the only trick I noticed was increased ding-dong-ditch. It was ringing on the doors several time but no one was there. I think that was the trick because I didnt have sweets 😀

        But I know my grandma forgot sweets october 2010 and she mentioned that she had to clean windows after this mistake because some childs did throw eggs on it. 😀 So I think I had luck this year.

        The toilet paper trick sounds funny too 😀

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