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More Comfortable in the Skin I’m In

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know a few things about me. You know that I loves me some virtual Irish pub action. You know I abhor slavery. You know I don’t always play well with others. And you know that I can’t fucking stand fashion posts. Of all the fascinating and exciting things SL can be, a game of dress-up-dolls isn’t one of those which remotely interests me.

As a result of this, Mistletoe (and the rest of the family, by extension) don’t shop for clothes and new stuff very often. But, well, something got hold of my mind today and I decided that it’s long past time for Mistletoe to get new skin.

I’ve had the same freebie skin for Mistletoe for near three years now. Anytime I find another which may tickle my fancy, I quickly discover that I don’t like it enough to give up my freebie skin for one I have to pay for. I mean, yeah, this one’s OK, but it’s not X-hundred Ls OK.

That is, until trying out the demo for this little gem from Curious Kitties. At first I tried on the demo and thought, eh, that’s not so bad, but I don’t know… Then I enabled lights. OMG I WAS GORGEOUS. And I didn’t even have my own face light on (I’m of the opinion that if you’re too ugly to go without a flashlight in your face all the time, you’re just plain too ugly). The nearby lights in the room were enough to bring out this fantastic look and color and I WANTS IT PRECIOUS.

So, I’m going to sleep on it (as I do before any major purchase), and if I still love it tomorrow, it’s all mine. ┬áChances are very good that I will.