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The New Pub WITH a Name!

Monday Night Brainstorm Seisun (Photo: Lelani Carver)

So, big news, big news. Yesterday I was asking you folks on Twitter for ideas for a name for a new Irish pub. Some were funny (like O’RLYs), some I liked but didn’t love (Gan Ainm–meaning both “no name” and “anonymous”, or SLáinte), some were so brilliant they were taken already (the Blarney Stone). But none of them really grabbed me, really felt through and through like they were the perfect name for my pub. Many of them would be great names for a pub, but not my pub.

Last night April Coswell, River Kyomoon, and Lelani Carver popped in to see if anything inspired them. April unfortunately couldn’t stay. River just started popping off every possible pub name she could think of to see if anything stuck. Lelani offered feedback (she really liked the Craic House; I liked it but again didn’t love it). As we sat and thought out loud four n00bs crashed the place and were summarily kicked to the curb (“How about the ‘Thwarted Griefer’?” “No, they’ll see that as a challenge”). Lelani said they messed with the wrong elf and I half-jokingly (and halfheartedly) suggested the Wrong Elf.

Still, nothing was really THE NAME. “Archimedes”, who was sitting across the RL living room said, “Look, you’re overthinking this. Just pick a name and be done with it.” I decided to say good night to Lelani and River and see if anything would hit me as I slept last night.

It hit me while I was brushing my teeth.

When I come home from my RL job, which has gotten quite time consuming, I just want to sit and relax. That’s what I made the pub for. A place to just sit on my–

“I got it!” I ducked into the bedroom from the bathroom. “The Happy Ass!”

Himself grinned. “Now that’s a good name!”

It’s brilliant. It sums up what I want the pub to be (a place to sit and relax, rather than a wild and crazy dance club), it repels the easily offended right off the bat, the logo can be a kind of a pun with a smiling donkey–and that is a symbol of the Democratic Party. It’s just… it’s just right. I love it.

Sneak a look at the Happy Ass Pub in Second Life. Bridget will be happy to see you once more.



2 thoughts on “The New Pub WITH a Name!

  1. That was BIG FUN. I played around with lighting in the latest Firestorm beta, which was stable enough and didn’t freeze or crash when moving the camera. So the later photos are all nice and misty on Flickr, and all under CC license.

    I like the name. Later this month Dhughan needs to rebuild his saloon in St Helens; thinking of calling it The Raven since I’d be able to use some nice NW Indian graphics and things

    1. Not bad! You could even call it the Raven and Sun, a reference to the legend of Raven stealing the sun and throwing it into the sky.

      I love love love the photos you took. Thank you again.

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