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Well didn’t I get one hell of a surprise to find myself listed among Suella’s “10 SL Blogs You Should Read“. And not only on the list, but at the top of the list! It’s a very exciting endorsement and my ego is very happy about it.

But with that comes the other side of the coin: “People are reading this thing now! I gotta write something and it better not suck!”

So until I think of what that something that doesn’t suck may be, I’ll give a kind of an introduction to you lovely new folks about who the hell I am and what you can expect when you read my blog.

First: Why I blog in the first place.

I find a picture says a thousand words, don’t you?

My SL Family

OK, first you have me. I’m Mistletoe, a 316-year-old elf who wants to do it all and then tell you how to do it. Mistletoe Ethaniel was my very first SL avatar, which I made just over 3 years ago now.

Then there’s Clover, Mistletoe’s younger sister. She was originally the “shut up and let me build stuff” alt, until she (somewhat unexpectedly) became the breadwinner of the family by way of a successful business. I often refer to Mistletoe and Clover as “co-mains”.

There’s Mistletoe’s husband, Archimedes. My RL husband seldom ever logs on to SL; it’s just not his “thing”. But he has a few times, mainly to play music or to give the occasional lecture. Most of the time, though, even if it’s his voice coming through, the person pulling the strings is me.

Clover’s got a daughter: Mistletoe’s niece, Petal. I log Petal on when I want to go exploring or discovering new things or just feel like saying “fuck adult responsibilities, I want to go skateboarding and eat ice cream.” In not so many words, of course, as they would be inappropriate for a nine-year-old to say.

I’ve got a couple other alts as well. There’s one for holding charity moneys, so as to keep them separate from my own. There’s one I just recently made for RPing; I don’t usually change the form/species/gender/etc. of my Big Four so I made this one for that. There’s one I had for a while to run a side business (as well as to just disappear from everyone for a while). There’s one who’s the family’s savings bank (I even named her Piggybank!). But really all you need to know about are the Big Four. Three members of my family of alts have their own blog. How insane is that! I really need to face the fact that I’m a writer.

My style of writing.

I like lists. And subdivided sections.

How I deal with bullshit.

I think a lot of the time I may give an impression that I’m just a take-no-bullshit kind of elf and as a result nobody fucks with me and I NEVER have drama in my world. Oh dear Rod that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fact is I get passive-aggressive, and I disconnect. I don’t refuse to get into confrontation for some higher moral reason; I avoid confrontation because I’m a chicken shit and it just happens to serve a higher moral reason as an added bonus. So instead, I’ll gossip or more likely make a general “SOME of you out there…” type blog post. It’s like I’m a fourteen-year-old but with slightly better verbal skills.

Here’s the cool thing about me stating all of that though: you can’t call me on bullshit that I’m already aware I’m guilty of. The person from whom I accept the least amount of bullshit, is the elf in the mirror.

Also, I learned a lot of things the hard way. I know how useless it is to rant and swear and make an all-around idiot of one’s self because I’ve done it (and it’s with no small amount of embarrassment that I link to this today).

Running gags, in-jokes, etc.

I suppose I should start with the more recent and work my way back.

  • “And your point is?”
  • Someone posted this useless bit of nothing at one of my other blogs and it made me laugh out loud. The irony of thinking that posting that comment was more pertinent or relevant than the blog to which it responded just makes me LOL every time.

  • Grumpy Old Elf
  • That’s who I turn into when something or someone is pissing me off.

  • Waffle Iron.
  • What I say when I have nothing to say, to prove that I can come up with something to say.

  • Rawr. Fear the elf. FEAR HER.
  • I’m really not that intimidating. My bark is worse than my bite and I don’t even bark very much.

  • My pale, elfy ass.
  • Response to bullshit.

And finally…

Oh look, I already did some wankery similar to this a year and a half ago. Well damn.

OK, so, what do you want to know? Ask me stuff.



2 thoughts on “NO PRESSURE!!

  1. I wouldn’t worry *too* much about my feeble influence driving that many new people to you blog, although my ’10 SL blogs you should read’ link was retweeted a few times, which was nice šŸ™‚

    Also – you used the word ‘drama’ in this post and we are supposed to be removing it from our vernacular! šŸ˜€

    True story – as I was writing my ’10 SL blogs …’ post I used the word ‘drama’ a couple of times, then sat for about 5 minutes thinking of how to reword it! It’s harder that it sounds trying not to use the word ‘drama’ even though I was trying to use it in a ‘good’ context (such as saying people’s blogs were ‘drama free’). I think it is true though that it’s best not to use it at all wherever possible as the mere use of the word can attract it!

    Anyway …. and my point is?!

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