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I’m going to make a tag that says “And my point is?”

So I’ve started the Lionheart Times back up a week or two ago. It was a great idea until I remembered I’m never around to be at any of the newsworthy events. Howdy Neighbor day? I bet it was great. Wouldn’t know. Town Meeting? Haven’t been able to attend one in months. Live performance in town? Heard it was awesome. SL8B’s opening? Not only am I not available to log on because I was called in to work, but even if I were around, my rural net connection combined with the multitudinous hordes of avatars make it a one-way ticket to Crashville.

It would be really really really REALLY cool if people would volunteer to cover things like this and send in write-ups and/or photographs so that I could be the editor instead of the reporter. But then again it would be cool if people did lots of things differently. You know, world peace and all that good shit. It would be really cool if Johnny Depp would knock on my door. But I ain’t holding my breath on any of the above coming to pass anytime soon.

However, I am going to start getting the Best of Lionheart together so people can start with the voting. So there’s that.




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