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Coming soon to the Wing…

You may recall that I’m managing things at the Plucked Wing in Faery Crossing (see right margin for Destination link) these days. And I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve not let myself dive headlong into this job. I really do consider it my secondary SL job; Clover’s Kitchen is the first. But it still still an important job and one I do take seriously.

In the past week or so, the Wing has found itself, shall we say politely, between storytellers.

Also allow myself to say, I’m kind of a snob. I know. I know. You’re having heart attacks and keeling over as I speak. Try to recover from the shock of this statement. I want the patrons of the Wing to be entertained by the very best, and, at the risk of being too much of a tease, I’m going to say that the very best SL storyteller I know may (MAY) be coming to grace our humble hall very soon. Negotiations are underway as to when (not if).

That’s all I’m going to say now. Because I know the importance of leaving you wanting more.




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