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I want to give a huge shout-out to Xavion Saltair for contacting me in the wake of my less-than-flattering blog post regarding the state of community in Lionheart. It can’t have been easy to read, and it can’t have been easy to reply to. So for listening to a harsh critic and extending the olive branch afterwards, Xavi, I gotta give you sincere kudos.

I think maybe you learn more from your harshest critic than you do from a room full of yes-men. In that spirit, I will no longer disable comments in my blog. Their publication will still be subject to approval, mainly because of stalkers and spambots, but at very least I’ll look at what’s said, whether I like it or not.

The reason I spoke out the way I did, you may believe it or not, is that I really deep down do want to see a real community in Lionheart and I do want it to be successful. After all, I have a stake in it, since it’s the home of my business. And said business is what enables me to do such fun things as sending a child alt out adventuring.

I fully intend to state, right here publicly in my blog for all to see, my opinions and ideas for what could make a more vibrant and healthy community. It’s my hope that the ideas will be for the benefit not only of Lionheart but of other sims the Grid over. They are simply that, ideas and opinions. I don’t claim to be an expert. I’m just a mouthy elf who likes to hear myself talk… and likes the idea of living in a strong community.

Keep an eye over the next few days. I’m pressed for time now and I want to give this as much undivided thought as I can.




One thought on “Kudos.

  1. I agree. I had high hopes, and Xavier told a nice tale to help resolve why I left, but my friend who also works there let me know, not everything I was told was the truth. *shrugs*

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