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Dodging a Bullet

Apparently it’s a good thing I quit the CoC Chair post when I did. What I thought was a six month term (at least according to the official Lionheart website) appears to be a post-for-life.

That’s all that one can naturally assume, anyway, since there’s only been one announcement of a Chamber of Commerce election, and that was in September. I (as Clover) won said election two-to-one. I started in with big plans but very quickly saw I wasn’t going to accomplish anything meaningful. I was also too overwhelmed with RL stuff to deal with the petty personal politics that I quickly saw arising in Lionheart.

Lionheart, let me state for the record, is an excellent place for a shop. I’ve had mine there for over a year now. I like having full control over a parcel of land without having a Premium account, and the price is absolutely right. But anyone (outside of a certain clannish group of people) who honestly thinks there’s a community is kidding themselves. And it was made patently obvious to me that if I didn’t “play the game”, I’d get nowhere. Either way, I’d never get to actually lead, despite having been elected to a position to do so.

As I said last fall:

I’ve got to say, I’ve had it with whispering behind curtains, poor communication, power struggles, being told how to do my job, being spoken to like I’m not really a part of the whole “old boys club” (for which I say thank goodness), and getting all of the blame and none of the credit.

“Yep, that was clear,” adds a former fellow member of the Chamber of Commerce (who has asked to be kept anonymous), “You had a title but you had no power. And they always sat in your meetings to manage you still. That was evident.”

To be fair, I only had one meeting. I resigned in October. I mentioned numerous reasons, all of them true, but one I didn’t mention at the time (though it was likely implied): I wanted to get off the crazy train before it became a runaway. And good thing I did too; because the person to whom I handed my position is still Chair now, well more than six months later.

“Also, it was becoming abundantly clear that your supprters were being treated poorly and either not participating, or leaving LH,” my source adds. That’s true; at least four of my closest friends and most loyal supporters packed up and left Lionheart in a month’s space (for which I blamed myself, at the time):

How do I help people’s businesses to prosper when I don’t even know if they’re going to be here next week?

I’ve decided that the best way to do that was from my own blog, by way of the Know-it-All Pages. Meanwhile, however, the supposedly elected position of this supposedly “resident run group” is (still) occupied by a member of Staff, rather than an elected resident. And, judging from the personal invitation to join at the LH website, the CoC must not be doing so well of late. One sentence says it all, really:

…it is in fact an important meeting…