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Recovering: Petal on the Road, Day 8

It’s time to check in with our intrepid young adventurers, Petal and Joline, as they explore the roads of Sansara on their bikes. No flying, no TPing unless stuck, photographing and blogging as they go.

When last we left off, Joline had gotten a bad cold while they were staying in the Chamonix City sims, so they stayed a while longer while Joline recouperated. Petal’s mom Clover shipped some of her famous chicken soup to the Chamonix City Post Office. And sure enough, Joline was feeling better after a good, warm night’s sleep.

In the Warming Hut by the fishing pond, we sat by the fire and planned out our route. We got out our maps and our phones and decided we'd go back out of Chamonix City, pick up our bikes where we left them at Off Sides, then get back on the main road in Braggiani. From there, we'd follow the Amundsen Road, which went south and looped back up north on the other side of the mountain.

Sim #85: Froumo

We got to the road and turned right. At first I thought I lost my journal but it was in my other pocket.

Up ahead we saw this awesomely cool fortress.

Lunch break! Cold pizza from the hockey arena that we saved.

We talked and laughed while we ate.

Sim #86: Piera Salino

While I was taking this picture, some floating car-thing came bombing by and almost ran Joline off the road! I yelled after it that we're vehicles too, jerkface!!

And then, while I as taking this picture, one came back from the other way and almost ran ME off the road!!

EEEEEEEK!!! a looong drop down below. We came up with a plan: we'd push our bikes down into the snow below, then we'd climb down on foot.

The view from below! We made it, but not without Joline slipping and falling into some water alongside the road. Poor Joline's already getting over a cold and this didn't help!! But now there was no turning back, we had to keep going.

Sim #87: Auschnar Run
Sim #88: Loveland

That cool fortress from the other side.

Our map said we might come up to a dead end before too long. So we started working out a plan.

Sim #89: Bretton

Now what do we do? Joline and I had to put our heads together.

After I took a picture of myself with my phone, I opened up Google Maps. It showed that just over the hills to our left (west) was the road in Braggiani. We'd looped almost all the way back up around.

We had to drag our bikes through the snow with us and it was a long climb, but when we got to the top of the hill we found a big building. Turns out it was a club just for girls who like other girls. We ducked through the alley between it and some vacant lot, and sure enough, there was the road! We turned north and went back through Braggiani, Minarlo Vite, Scorze, Jiminy, Eldora, Kendall ,Grouse, and to Durango.

In Durango, we found a whole station of those pod vehicle thingies! Well we found out that kids ride free, so we got some tickets and took a tour. It was one of the short ones (15 minutes).

When we returned to the station, we met Ms. Yavanna. Her shop is called YavaScript, and she makes these cool pod tours! She let me take her picture when I told her it was for a blog. She told me about her cool pods, and the map. She's even working on an extra-long pod tour that goes to another continent! I apologized to her for calling her pod a jerkface, since it's automatic and can't tell we were there. She said that's OK and let us stay at her place overnight.

We thanked her and locked our bikes, and went down to the hot tub to take a long overdue bath! We stripped down to our bathing suits and even though we were out in the snow, the hot tub was nice and toasty warm.

Just what Joline needed to clear up her stuffy nose! See ya next time!

Total Sims (Petal): 89



3 thoughts on “Recovering: Petal on the Road, Day 8

  1. So glad Joline is feeling better and they are back on the road. Wow pod tours thats awesome. 🙂 Pj might have to go check them out sometime. Joline sent me the lm so I could. Look forward to their next adventure and perhaps I need to look for a wetsuit for Joline to wear under her clothes and send it to her. She seems to run into water a lot. LOL

    1. I found out that a pod tour of your own is only L$2500. Makes me wish I owned a big enough sim to use them!

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