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Petal on the Road updates will probably happen weekly, on Tuesdays. Joline’s health is such that we don’t know yet if she’ll go home, or if she’ll stay along with Petal. Send your get well wishes to Joline by way of Petal (username Petal LittleBoots).

I’ve been terribly, terribly slack with the Plucked Wing. I make no excuse for this. I really need to plug myself in more. I’m finding myself having a hard time getting motivated. But I’m going to work to rectify that.

Clover’s Kitchen has had a record sales month in March 2011. Half of her gross sales were Marketplace. I’m still working on getting listings there up-to-date.

Love 146 in Second Life will probably not have a Clubhouse for a while. Funds are kind of drying up since RFL started, not to mention the tragic situation in Japan. However, I recently cashed in just over $130 US to send to the real life Love 146 as soon as it clears in PayPal. (Update: cleared, and sent.)

Tell ya the truth, I haven’t logged on much at all in the past week or so. Just been a busy week IRL I guess.