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Window-shop from SLM and Buy Inworld… if ya want. Or not.

Please note: this is a post from 2011 and rather outdated. Read on with that information in mind. -ME

This is in response to Toysoldier Thor’s recent post, “10 Reasons SL Shoppers Should Window Shop SLM & Buy Inworld“. I think he’s onto something when he suggests that the Marketplace (SLM) should be used to find objects, but that it’s better if consumers go inworld to make the purchase. After all, he says it and so do plenty of others: Search is unreliable.

Before I get to the list point-by-point, I have to be Grouchy Old Elf for a moment and express my dislike of the hyperbolic use of the word “rape”. I quote: “Basically LL is raping all the Merchants with higher priced items and not fairly spreading the costs of SLM operations among all the SLM Merchants’ sales.” I have to disagree with taking an equal 5% percentage out of every item’s sale being comparable to rape.

But that’s not what I’m here to discuss, really; that’s just an aside. On to the list:

1.When you buy a product from a Merchant’s inworld store, the sales transaction is direct between your Avatar and the product vendor (for basic vendors). This reduces the chance for a delivery delay or failure. It can still happen but far less likely than the frequent delivery failures that are occurring between the SLM website to the Magicbox to your Avatar inworld.

2.Your product delivery will almost always be instant after paying the inworld product vendor.

Reasons #1 & #2 are really just the same thing, so I’ll address them together. I recently found that a sizeable percentage of Clover’s Kitchen’s gross sales–anywhere between a third and a half, varying month to month–come from Marketplace Sales. I get to see in my email inbox, a message of the purchase, followed by a later message of delivery. In nearly all cases of sales, be it from my inworld vendors or from the Marketplace, delivery has been within 1-2 minutes of purchase. In those rare occasions that it takes 5 minutes or more for a delivery, I see no substantive difference between the inworld vendors or the Marketplace being responsible for the delay; they’re about equal there too. On the very rare occurrence of a customer needing to IM me, to tell me they didn’t receive their purchase, what few of them I’ve experienced are almost always inworld sales.
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