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If I have the Pope’s ear…

I don’t know if anyone reads this, of course, but I have reason to suspect that there’s the slightest possibility that Someone Of Import may in fact glance at my blog. Or to put it another way:

(Explanation of the joke here.)

Bragging aside (for now), I want to say, I’m not a Big Somebody in the Second Life world. I don’t own Mainland; I don’t even have a Premium account. I’m not a machinima producer, magazine publisher, dirt-digging reporter, or ass-kissing reporter. I don’t have a podcast. I’ve never won any awards for my blog. I’ve never pissed off scores of people with my blog. My shop doesn’t make enough money to put me on the cover of a magazine, by a long shot.

I’m just Mistletoe (and Clover, and Petal, and occasionally Archimides), a RL thirty-something who wants to do it all. I build, I sell, I manage (sorta), I pay tiers, I play music, and I blog. And if you’re curious to hear my take on what I wish were different about SL, well then read on. If not, it’s OK; I really mostly do this to hear myself talk.
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