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Petal’s New Gig: Petal On the Road, Day 7 part 2

It’s been a busy adventure for Petal and her new BFF Joline. They’ve been riding along the roads in Sansara on their bikes, making discoveries and blogging about what they see. When last we left the intrepid nine-year-old and her BFF, they had discovered Chamonix City. Joline fell ill with a bad cold, and so she and Petal decided to stay put until she felt better. As Joline got some rest and plenty of fluids, Petal (in her restlessness) went out and about in Chamonix City to see what she could see. It’s a short update, since they’re staying put for now.

I don't know if you know it, but I LOVE hockey. And my new favorite team is the Mustangs. Because, hello, horse for a mascot!

There's almost always hockey games going on around here, like this one at Brooks Arena between the Ice Lords and Polar Bears. Later on, there was an announcement for a Mustangs game at Jericho Hill arena and I HAD to go! They had a free shuttle and everything!

(Because the games at Jericho Hill arena are at a private estate sim and not along the roadway, the sim(s) visited will not count toward her road trip. This is just an added side adventure.)

There were some girls down by the ice, cheering. And I saw, sitting nearby, one of the for real Puckettes! So I said it was nice of her to let the kids cheer, and she said, "You can too if you want!" And I was like, "No way!" And she was like, "Yes way!" So I went downstairs to the stand and joined them!

“Come on all you hockey fans! Get on up and rock those stands!”

“Go red! *clap clap* Go black! *clap clap* Come on Mustangs, let’s attack!”

Well, the Mustangs didn't win 😦 but coach was so impressed, she made me an OFFICIAL Junior Puckette!! Joline's gonna be soooo jealous!

Join us next time, when we see how Joline is doing…

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3 thoughts on “Petal’s New Gig: Petal On the Road, Day 7 part 2

  1. My goddaughter Joline is feeling so much better now and I think her and Petal will be back adventuring soon at least I hope so. She is also very jealous of Petals junior puckette status. In fact I think she said…”I wanna be a junior puckette too cause Petal and I do everything together its NO FAIR” Ah kids gotta love them.

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