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Anthems for Second Life

The deadline is coming up for the SL Anthem Contest, you guys.

I’m not taking part. For one thing, the lyrics are already written, and that’s the part I’d have any shot at being good at. I’m not a composer. I’m the kind of composer that would make Mozart go, “and then it’s just the same thing, right? It doesn’t really work, does it?” and he’d laugh his insane goofy laugh while composing circles around me in that lavender crushed-velvet coat (which, nothing to do with anything, I want).

'It doesn't really work, does it?'

Additionally, you not only have to compose it, but you have to record it. Do you know why there are no Cat Agus Cu recordings? Because a certain elf who will remain nameless (but whose name rhymes with “This’ll Go” ) is phobic of recording. I have a grand total of ONE existing recording of me singing, dating back to 1994.

And even if I were to compose the perfect melody, get my chicken-shit ass into a studio, and somehow win? I’d win under $200US, if I’m doing my math right. Call me a greedy bastard, but for all that, I want a little bit more to show for rights to something I composed.

It does get me thinking, though, that SL really could use an anthem. I’m just not sure the lyrics proposed for the contest are it. So I sat me down and tried a few possible anthems, to the tune of already existing ones.

Rod save our awesome sims
Rod save our pretty sims
Rod Save Our Grid

Lags are notorious
Load times laborious
But it can be glorious-
Rod save our Grid!

I figure, being a Yank myself, maybe I should write something to the tune of our own national anthem:

O Say can you see
By your eighteen face lights
What so proudly we built
After six months of dreaming

Bold sculpts and big prims
Of improbable height
On the screens you can watch
Diff’rent videos streaming

And the textures so fine
Perfectly in a line
Give proof you can see
of our awesome design

Oh why is this outsanding
Parcel still gray…
I’ve been here half an hour-
Rez sometime today!

Of course, I try to be a citizen of the world…

Allons, enfants de la Teen Grid
Le jour de fusion est arrivée!

Actually I don’t know enough French to continue that one.

O, Second Life
My home and virtual land
My kids and wife
Say it’s gotten out of hand…

I don’t know O Canada well enough to scan beyond that one.

Anyway, those are my humble contributions to the idea of a Second Life anthem. What have you got?




3 thoughts on “Anthems for Second Life

    1. Yes, well… I should also get over my fear of spiders, lightning, and explosions. But that doesn’t mean I ever will.

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