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The Best Day Ever: Petal On the Road: Day 7, Part 1

Time to spill the beans: Petal made a BFF on Night 6! Say hello to Joline, age 11. Joline is now a Junior Doe Cadet, like Petal, and they’ve begun to continue their Mainland road adventure together. They packed up all their gear and departed from the Hanson Infohub together. Let’s see where the road takes them as we start Petal’s seventh day on the road!

Sim 75: Eldora

Joline and I rode north, through Arosa Village (and the sims of Boreal and Kendall). We took a left, and headed west.

Sim 76: Jiminy

A parked snowcat. No keys. Probably a good thing. The road curved to the left (southwards).

Sim 77: Scorze

The snowman almost looks alive! There were lots of snowmen by the road; they looked like they were having a snowball fight.

Sim 78: Minarlo Vite

A cool treehouse in Minarlo Vite. I don't know how to pronounce the sim's name, but it's cool. I wonder why it's called that.

Sim 79: Braggiani

This way to Chamonix City! (Not the same as the sim called Chamonix) We took a right which led us over a long bridge.

Joline in front of the city gate. We crossed the bridge (which talked, and welcomed us!) and that's when we saw the hot air balloon. I said, "Joline... are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and she said "TOTALLY!" We locked up our bikes on the guardrail and got in!

Sims 80-84: Off Sides, Neutral Zone, Crosscheck, Blueliner, Breakaway

The baloon carried us up, up, up! I took a picture of the bridge we just crossed. There was a tour on the speakers. We learned that it's pronounced "sham-o-NEE" City, not "sham-o-NIX" like we were calling it.

We were flying! I couldn't believe how awesome it was. I even shouted, "THIS IS SO AWESOME!!" We saw shops, a church, and a post office. We heard on the tour about ski jumping, ice fishing, and tons more. The balloon landed near Cleary Arena, and we could hear noises from inside. So we decided to investigate.

The Program I got at the arena! [click here]
We saw hockey practice! The Whales are one of the pro hockey teams. 'GOHA' is what they call all these professional hockey teams together. Joline pointed and said, 'Is that... a dinosaur on the ice?'

It was! We wondered if he ever got any penalties for accidentally tripping with his tail.

And this is Ryri Shackleton. SHE'S AWESOME. She got checked by the dinosaur and kept skating, and even scored a goal right after! I wanted to get her autograph, so we waited after practice, but we didn't get a chance.

Afterwards we got some hockey equipment (FOR FREE!). But we're too small to be pro hockey players... YET. This is my mean face!

Joline's graceful skating.

Then we went to the GOHA store and got all kinds of free goodies. This is my new official GOHA hat and scarf.

Joline and I got on one of those old-fashion sleds, with the steel runners on them. I held on tight because she's a crazy sled driver!!

We ended up at the ski jump. THIS CAN'T END WELL.

This is Argus Jinx. She's a professional ski jumper! She taught me and Joline how to jump on skis, and omg I can't believe it, we tried it out! The first time, I was like, Agony of Defeat. But the second time, I did it!! Thanks Argus, for being so nice to me and my BFF and for helping us be brave and try something new! I hope you win the gold medal at your next Olympics!

To be continued…

(PS: Now you can get a cool wearable tent campsite, just like Petal’s! Click here!)

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