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Annual Surf Party Photos!

Me and PJ
The plan was to have a surfing party last night at the North Shore of Oahu. But the gnarly lag was way harsh, Tai.

Fortunately, I always have a Plan B.

See all that unrezzy grey stuff? Yeah. Not happening.

Plan B was Surf Camp, at Prim Works. But that place was a total lake. No waves at all. Fortunately I always have a Plan C. We went to where we used to go before: Bundoran Reef, West of Ireland.

It was five of us total: me, PJ, Tel, Tel’s partner Derren, and our longtime (and long-time-no-seen) friend Latis.
Latis loses her patience with just sitting and crouching. (Photo by Teleny Macarthur)

Derren had never surfed before, and asked, "Where has this been all my Second Life?!" (Photo by Teleny Macarthur

LOVE the facial expression. (Photo by Teleny Macarthur)

Grinnin' elf babe (Photo by Teleny Macarthur)

This one's so going into the book! (Photo by Derren Rexen)




4 thoughts on “Annual Surf Party Photos!

  1. Oh my good I have such a sweet elf as friend 🙂

    These pictures are great. The waves are looking very realistic anyhow.

    Looks lke you had a great surfing day 🙂

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