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A Tour of the Love 146 in Second Life Clubhouse

Click to visit inworld

We had such a successful year raising funds for Love 146 last year that I decided we’d have even more success if we had a home base of operations for our inworld group. And thanks to Thaddeus Nadeau of Hidden Hollow, we now have that space.

The Love 146 in Second Life Clubhouse is a small cottage near a stream. Outside you’ll find a bridge, tire swing, and a nearby campfire with logs to sit on. It’s a cozy, comfortable place to visit, much like the rest of the village of Hidden Hollow. Read on to see pictures and a tour featuring Love146 Serendipity, holder of the funds and keeper of the clubhouse.

'Lovey', as she's often called, on the tire swing outside the Clubhouse.

Lovey on the swing (click to see larger)

Enjoying a marshmallow while watching nearby wildlife in the stream.

Sign outside the clubhouse.

Lovey says, 'Come on in!'

The mural on the back wall is a reminder that it's not all fun and games.

Just to the right of the door when you first walk in, you see a free tank top and a box with info on our good friends, the Army of Bunnies.

It's a very comfy couch. Thanks to Nadeau Home Store for donating it!

Pull up a stool and let's talk about the issue. The kiosk on the right is available for anyone to place in their store or club. And you can get a free copy of the candle on the table while you're here.

'Thanks for visiting! Now let's get out there and make a difference!'

You can visit to donate directly, buy RL shirts, or see other ways you can help. Or you can visit inworld, and donate Ls to Love146 Serendipity anytime.




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