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Virtual Business: One Question To ALWAYS Ask Yourself

"Well I WAS going to come and spend one MILLION lindens... but I couldn't find you!"

Just a decade or two ago, one of the most foolish business mistakes to make was neglecting to list in the phone book. Suppose you have a pizza place. Suppose it’s even a really awesome pizza place. Suppose a handful of college students is sitting around the dorm, smoking a bowl er, studying, when they get to talking about that awesome pizza they had last week: your pizza. Only, they don’t have a menu from your pizza place (you know how things can get lost…) and so they go to look you up and you aren’t listed. Congratulations; a dormful of hungry, stoned college students just bought over a hundred dollars worth of your competition’s pizza instead.

Making the best product is only part of the recipe for a successful business, whether real or virtual. And in Second Life, or other virtual worlds, your business is just one of thousands in this great pixellated sea. The best product on the grid will only get so far if nobody can find you.

The One Big Question

At every stage of running your business– any virtual business, be it real estate, clothing, hair, gadgets, or whatever else– you need to be asking yourself one valuable question:

How can I make it as easy as possible for people to come and spend their money?

It’s simply mind-boggling to see how many business people inworld are not taking this one simple question into consideration.
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