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Food for thought

A hill of beans. Click for source.
For every person who cares that you’re on the top of the SL Blog heap, there are thousands more SL residents that don’t even read blogs.

For every person that’s in Second Life, there are thousands more that have never even heard of it.

So, if it’s that important for the “big name bloggers” to hurl mud and insults at one another, so be it; let them be at the top of their infinitessimally tiny little heap. But as for this little nobody, I say, get the fuck over yourself.




3 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. I read a few blogs faithfully and all small like yourself. I love your blog Mist and I check every few days to see if you have something new posted. 🙂 HUGS

    1. Well I meant it more to someone else than to you personally (In fact, I meant it toward someone being an asshole to several bloggers, including you), but… good!

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