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Peace and Quiet

Working on a pair of socks, at Clover's Getaway in Lionheart

Nothing like autumn in full swing, and the whisper of winter on its way, to get you in mind of what’s really important.

Both in RL and in SL, I’ve been working on clearing away the clutter, saving up for winter, and otherwise making preparations. Today IRL we got our mailbox raised (a project we’ve been putting off for too long now), got our outdoor furniture and grill brought indoors, got our snow shovels out of the shed and onto the porch. I placed an order for 100 gallons of heating oil, which will arrive tomorrow, because I can actually afford it now that I have a paycheck. I’ve almost completed knitting one pair of socks, which will make my loose-fitting winter boots more snug, and I’ll continue to make more socks for gifts and even to sell.

When you think about things like winter in a rural town in central Maine, you realize how insignificant and unnecessary some of the things in SL really are. Junior high school level political struggles top that list. Despite all the things I want to say in reply to the adolescent stupidity, I realize, it’s just not worth it. I have shit to do. So instead, I’m clearing away the source of the noisy distraction and enjoying my free time while I have it to enjoy.

Got a few new items at Clover’s Kitchen that I’ve got to add to the blog, plus I have some more to work on as well. Had a great conversation with a couple of my neighbors (one current, one former) catching up on things. As always they’re great for offering perspective.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Shit to do.