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Well that sucked.

I handed in my (Clover’s) resignation as Chair of the CoC. I’m bummed because I had such high hopes for what I wanted to accomplish. But, they call it “Second” Life for a reason, and the undeniable fact is that I just do not have time to do what I committed myself to doing. I feel like a jackass for doing it, but really, I don’t see any other choice.

I haven’t been able to make Town Hall meetings, I haven’t been able to make Howdy Neighbor Days, and now, I can’t even make the meeting I scheduled (and requested off weeks in advance) because of RL work scheduling. Also, it looks like I won’t be able to make my own Oktoberfest party. But that’s the way it goes, it’s a small business I work for and we don’t have a pile of employees who can just jump in as needed. In fact, “jumping in as needed” is pretty much in my own job description.

For those left wondering: I AM STILL PLANNING ON A WINTER CARNIVAL. It may not be an official CoC event, but god dammit, I want to see it happen. I’ve formed a group called the Group Activities Committee; IM Clover Windlow or Josefine Beck if you want in.




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