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I picked a hell of a week to start a paper…

OK actually it was started a fortnight ago, but nobody ever uses “fortnight” anymore (except Lisa Simpson, and me). But, at any rate, I actually started a small local newspaper. It’s called Lionheart Times and it’s for the 14-sim Lionheart estate in which I’ve worked and lived since March of this year.

Since doing so, the biggest news to hit the grid since Philip’s return fell into my (and the whole grid’s) lap: the Emerald Debacle. At a time when I was starting to wonder if bratty behavior had become the new black (as evidenced by that JetBlue attendant’s obnoxious way of quitting his job, or the woman ultimately escorted out of Starbuck’s by police for not deigning to answer “neither, thanks”), along come events that show bratty behavior resulting in a sound spanking. It’s a story that readers have strong opinions about, and one with a “how the mighty have fallen” element that always captures attention (Tiger Woods being a textbook example). There are those who whine and cry that LL has “murdered” Emerald “in cold blood” (from a now-deleted forum thread); I however am of the personal belief that when you wave a weapon in the face of the authorities and refuse to put it down when they demand it, you can’t rightly call the cops murderers for gunning you down.

And if you think I make these statements out of dislike for Emerald (which I hated having to uninstall, it was so cool…) or out of love for LL: hi, welcome to my blog, you must be new. I’m not in SL because I love the Lab; I’m in SL basically because my friends are here, all my stuff is here, and it works. I’ve come to accept that this is no democratic country we’re dealing with here, but rather a privately owned nation where anyone can come and live and work but it WILL be on the government’s terms. I don’t like it, a lot of the time, but I tolerate it. I’ve learned that by tolerating it, I get scripts that work and actual money for the things I sell.

But, I go off on a tangent.

The news that has been happening has suddenly made the newspaper project FAR more important than I’d expected it would be. And it’s made me more serious about the paper, sometimes perhaps to the point where I make the perfect the enemy of the good. I hope that people will appreciate the work that goes into it and maybe be inspired to either share the workload or buy ad space and keep it economically feasible. Or both. I ain’t picky. Just tired.

So, even though a week or more ago I said to Adric that I “never claimed to be a journalist”, I guess I’m making that claim now. I’m still not claiming to be a good hard-hitting, muckraking type yet. I’d really rather do the editing for when other people do that thanks.




2 thoughts on “I picked a hell of a week to start a paper…

  1. What the hell are they so upset about? The Phoenix viewer is on the approved third party viewer list. It was made by people who worked on Emerald and weren’t involved with the scandal. The only difference between it and Emerald is that it HAS MORE FEATURES. Emerald is gone and replaced by something even better on that is an approved third party viewer. There is no reason to be upset.

    1. Well you gotta keep in mind that for several days between Emerald’s collapse and now, Phoenix didn’t exist yet. Additionally, news travels amazingly slow sometimes, especially given the age in which we live.

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