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New Marketplace makes Grouchy Old Elf’s job difficult

Grumbling about the government (read: Linden Lab) is something that a grouchy old elf like me enjoys. And I think by and large it’s something lots of us SLers like doing from time to time. We can be quite curmudgeonly, especially when it comes to any sort of radical change. Sometimes our complaints are quite valid (like when it comes to Viewer 2). And it’s because of that attitude that I really wanted to hate the New Marketplace (to which XStreet is being converted). I was prepared to find its each and every little flaw and focus on them and grouch and gripe until I was satisfied (whenever the hell THAT would be).

But, I’m loath to admit, I just can’t say I hate it. In fact, I think it’s pretty damn cool. Now, it does kind of suck that I have to take the time to re-upload each item’s picture, and recategorize each item. Also, I have to go into the description and change every used-to-be formatted to BB code link so that the text is coherent.

BUT. It’s really a very logical and clear setup. And it’s really geared to help business people help themselves; with easy links to related products, SKU numbers enabled, a quick list of features, checkboxes for permissions, and a separate text box for search keywords. So, nearly as difficult for me to say as “Adric was right” (and yet every bit as true), I have to say: I like the New Marketplace. I’m looking forward to the changeover.




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