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Moving Your Business: Making a Smooth Transition

Sometimes you need more prims. Sometimes you need more room. Sometimes you need less rent. Sometimes you find yourself sandwiched in among a strip club, a casino, a glowing building full of freebies, and a chicken farm. Whatever the reason, the time has come to move your business. Fortunately, unlike in RL, you can just put it all in your pocket and relocate it. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is getting everyone to the new location. Here’s a list of some ways to make the transition easier. They may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget one or two things until after the fact. In no particular order:

  • Create a new LM to the new location right away, and send it to your group. You do have a group for your shop, right? Send that new LM right away, with an announcement saying you’ve moved. You’ll likely want to do it again in a week or so.
  • Go to your satellite locations, and replace the LM in the LM giver right away. You know, the “Visit my main store! Click here!”. You don’t want people clicking it and ending up in some empty parcel with banlines. Your potential customer will likely not do the detective work to find your new spot, and just look for the next place on search.
  • Swap all your SLURLs on your XStreetSL/New Marketplace listings. Yes, all of them. It’s tedious as hell but copying and pasting sure helps.
  • Swap out the LMs in your boxed products. Now this is where it gets tedious. At least if you use a web-based server to distribute your products, you won’t have to do it as many times as if you box them all up in vendor prims manually.
  • Change the link in your Picks. Don’t forget alts.
  • Change the link(s) in your blog.
  • (if moving servers) Reset all your servers. Ugh. If you’re locating servers anyway, this is a good chance to redo your LMs in your boxes. Set a new server in your new location, take out the inventory of the old one, and swap each LM before loading it into the new one. You may decide, if you don’t already, to keep the server in just one permanent spot (like your house, or a Data Center) so that in the future if your business moves, your server stays put.
  • Put your Business name and description in the new location right away. Don’t just leave it as “Roadside parcel for sale 4096sqm”. People won’t find it that way. Even if you have to put “New location coming soon” or “Under construction” in the description, at least change the parcel name right away.
  • Make an announcment in your blog that you’ve moved. Don’t forget the other social media too, like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Have an event. Any reason’s a good reason to have a promotional event, and a new location’s as good a reason as any. Hire a DJ, maybe get some fireworks, have some games, and make a 2-hour event of it that you can post about at the SL website Events listing.

So… am I forgetting anything? What are some other important steps in moving your business?

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This article is listed in the SL Business section of the Know-it-All Pages, where you can find even more useful information. Go now, and see for yourself!




2 thoughts on “Moving Your Business: Making a Smooth Transition

  1. New promotional item on XStreetSL, with some extras at the in-world store?

    Whether this is free, or cut-price, or just a Featured item, it’s about getting noticed. And giving people a reason to go to the store. Maybe an evening dress with a matching handbag only at the store.

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