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Some changes ’round here

Well last night I sat down and had a good bitch session with a couple of people who themselves run a club. They pretty much say the same thing: you can’t please everyone, and you don’t have to hold back when someone is being a total asshole. Easy to say, I know, but harder to execute. Therefore they are my official bitch coaches, lol; they’ll help me get in touch with my inner bitch when needed. In fact, they are also now my first-ever bouncers (she asked; I figured why the hell not!). This helps to spread out the amount of stupid shit I have to deal with; the two of them are happy to deal with it for me.

Additionally, I’m going to hire me some more management. I’ve got someone in mind already; she’s trustworthy, genuinely loves the pub, and has recently freed herself from a large amount of responsibility in running a RP sim (which kind of parallels me, actually). I think if the work load were divided between the two of us, or if she even took a third of it off my hands, I would enjoy the pub more and feel less chained to it. The question is if she’s available; I’ve asked and am waiting for an answer.

It’s hard for me to delegate and especially hard for me to find someone I want to delegate to. I tend to come from the “If you want something done…” school of thought. But there comes a point where I have to be more flexible. I’m at that point.




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