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Making Your Prims Count Part 1

Making Your Prims Count: Part 1 Bar and stools

Welcome to the first in a series of posts about making your prims go further, especially for your club or shop. When I first got the parcel for the Wee Little Irish Pub, I realized I only had 116 prims to work with, and so I had to get resourceful. So now I’m going to show you some of the tricks and tips I learned along the way, and hopefully you’ll find them useful for saving prims at your place.

Some basic building and scripting knowledge is useful for this project, but I’m going to try and make it as easy on you as I can.

Today, I’m going to show you how I made the bar and stools. I’m always looking for a balance between prim economy and aesthetics; often, better-looking items have more prims. But I wanted to get absolutely minimal on prims, in this case, so I’m going to show you how to make a minimal prim bar and stool that really looks good and doesn’t have people thinking “Wow, she really cheaped out on prims.”

Belly Up to the Bar

The actual bar at the Wee Little Irish Pub is only one prim, but by use of prim torture and texturing, it looks much nicer than just a plain rectangular block.

Start by rezzing a cube. I suggest you set it to “phantom”, for a couple reasons. For one, it’s believed that making prims that don’t HAVE to be solid Phantom cuts down on lag. For another, when patrons stand up, they won’t end up on top of the bar.

Set the prim’s Path Cut (upper right, under the “Object” tab) to B: 0.600 and leave it at E: 1.000 ..
Set the prim’s Hollow (just under Path Cut) to 75.0% .
Set the prim’s Size demensions to X: 1.000, Y:1.327, and Z:4.00 .
Set the prim’s Rotation to X: 0.00, Y: 90.0, Z: 90.0 .

Click to see larger.

Next, we’re going to texture it to look like a bar. For this example we’ll use textures readily available in your Library folder; use your own textures for a more custom appearance.

Click the “Texture” tab in your Build window.

Click the box that says “Texture” and from Library > Textures > Wood select your choice of woodgrain texture. I’m fond of “Walnut” myself. Then click “Select”.

Choose the “Select Texture” button and then click just the very top of the bar.

Click the Texture box again and this time, go to Library > Textures > Rock and select your choice of stone texture. For this example I chose the “Granite” texture and tinted it a dark grey color. I also gave it a low shininess, to give it a polished look.

A Place to Sit.

Now we’re ready to set the bar aside and work on the barstool. This is a bit more complicated, and will take a few steps. But don’t worry, follow along, be patient, and you’ll get it.

To build the stool uses two prims. One is the body of the stool, and one is the cushion. The cushion will contain the sitting script, which I will include here.

click to enlarge
First, we’ll build the stool’s base.

The base of the stool is a Tube prim. When you rez it, its rotation will probably already be set to X: 0.0, Y: 90.0, Z: 0.0. If not, adjust the rotation so that it is.

Set the prim’s size dimensions to X: 0.8, Y: 0.5, Z: 0.5. Note that we’re making the bar and stools for average adult-sized humanoids, so if you’re making these for bigger or smaller avatars, adjust accordingly after you’re done.

Set Hole Size to X: 1.00 and Y: 0.50.

Set Hollow to 75.0.

Set Profile Cut (NOT Path Cut!) to B: 0.225 and E: 0.925 .

Once again, set the prim’s status to Phantom, for the same reasons listed above.

Directly above the base, make a sphere prim.

The sphere’s settings are shown in the figure above:
Dimensions: X: .5 Y: .5 Z: .2
Rotation: 0,0,0

This sphere will now be lowered down to the base, to resemble a cushion.

Now let’s texture the cushion. I used Library > Textures > Fabric > Fabric – Leather Brown for this example.

Next, we’ll texture the base. I used Library > Textures > Misc Textures > Gray Metal Scratched with a “Low” shine and a dark grey tint.

While you have the base selected, hold SHIFT and select the cushion as well. MAKE SURE you select in that order: base, then shift, then cushion. This is important because you want to make the cushion your root prim.

Link the prims by going to your Tools menu (top left of your screen) and selecting “Link” OR by holding Ctrl+L (Cmd + L on a Mac). This gives you one single object made of 2 prims.

OK, here’s where it’s going to start to get complicated. You’ll want to put a script in your stool. If you do not, and someone attempts to sit on it, it will look like this:

Admittedly, that’s not too bad, but it could be better. We’re going to put this handy-dandy free to the public script in the Content folder of the stool, along with a freebie sit animation. Don’t panic. I’m going to give you the script right here to copy and paste.

First, if you’re not already editing it, right-click and “edit” your stool. Then click the Content tab.

The animation I’m going to use is “Sit Crossed”, a popular freebie sit animation. If you can’t find it or don’t have it, I got mine from the Dark Dharma freebie bag of poses and animations. Grendel’s Children also has a handful of freebie sitting animations. You can, if you choose, purchase sit animations as well.

Drag “Sit Crossed” from your inventory, into the Content tab.

Next, Click “New Script…” Your stool will say “Hello, Avatar!” Double click the New Script to edit it. Select the entire script (by double clicking) and paste the following script in its place:

Click here to get the script; copy and paste the whole thing.

You do not have to edit anything in the script, just copy and paste as you see it at the link. I’ve already made all necessary adjustments. Make sure you save the script before closing it.

Now when you sit on your stool, it looks like this!

When you set the bar in its final location, you’ll want to sink it into the floor a few centimeters, to cover up the slanted cut at the very bottom of the prim. Rotate your stool so that you’re either facing toward or away from the bar when you sit (whichever you prefer); you can rotate your stool while you’re sitting on it to line it up just how you want.

You can make copies of the stool easily by holding shift and dragging the stool while editing it.

This complete bar and 4 stools takes up only 9 prims!

Part 1: Bar and Stools|Part 2: Lighting|Part 3: Tables|Part 4: Artwork and Signage



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