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Today’s gig Under the Bridge!

Had a fantastically fun time today at our live gig in Lionheart! There were a couple hiccups, like at one point when I just forgot how Baj’s Reel went for a second, so we started over. And there were a few trips over lyrics here and there. All in all, though, we kicked ass. Xavion says he looks forward to having us back again.

After dinner, I did a little building for a while and almost lost track of time; fortunately Kero sent out an announcement about my fill-in shift which succeeded in reminding me about it. Also fortunately, I had a playlist ready to go. Pretty low turnout and I actually ended up losing money, but I don’t care. I had a nice night out, got to help Grizzy out, and had some fun and interesting conversation with Kero. After tipping the venue and Kero, I gave a bit more to the Love 146 jar. (By the way, those interested: Love146 Serendipity now has over 12k lindens to her name!)

Tomorrow we’re having Funky Feats at the pub, which is going to be fun (if past Funky Feats days are any indication).




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