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Waffle Iron.

I have been remiss in posting, both in this blog and in Clover’s. Don’t you hate it when people post to say they haven’t posted in ages? It’s like, thank you very fucking much, Captain Obvious, I had no idea. You think, man, what a waste of time. What is this, Facebook or some shit? Say something, dumbass. Anything.

Waffle Iron. There.

Actually, let’s see, Mistletoe actually broke down and got new ears today. And I think they’re rather cute. I was able to tint them to match my skin perfectly. Curious Kitties. Good stuff. I also got a new skirt at PixelDolls today…

Fuck, this is turning into a fashion post. That’s even worse than a post saying I haven’t posted.

Someone bought a copy of The Wee Little Book of Irish Pub Songs today! Yes, that’s the latest book I’ve published under the Manic Elf logo. It’s wearable as a HUD, you can flip through the pages (surely you’ve seen this type of book in SL before, and if not, you should; they’re really cool) and read along to the 10 songs (with both words and music).

My friend Chernobyl suggests that I should market them in SL by way of “READ A BOOK, READ A BOOK, READ A MOTHERFUCKIN’ BOOK!” Heh, we’ll see. Even though it by itself is catchy and funny, the source is a bit more… shall we say, controversial than I’m interested in.

Lionheart’s Chamber of Commerce is compiling a Yellow Pages. I’ve sent in the ad for the Wee Little Irish Pub, and am getting one together for Clover’s Kitchen. I gotta say, I do good work. See for yourself:

For my next book idea I’m thinking of making a book of Real Avatars of Genius.




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