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If I had the time…

I get these little manic spurts from time to time, where I’ll have an awesome idea, and then I might do it, then I’ll go “meh, that was fun, now what?” I get so many awesome ideas that I get a bit sad knowing there will NEVER be enough time in my life to do them all. But if I had unlimited time and money in SL, here are some of the things I might do:


  • Publish a magazine
  • Have a record store, where people would purchase mp3s of SL musicians’ work
  • Sell prefab buildings
  • Run an employment agency that WORKS
  • Sell the riding wagons I’ve been messing with building
  • Make and sell kids’ clothes that look like what actual kids would wear
  • Produce an inworld TV show
  • A resort hotel/convention center


  • Open a full and proper library
  • Teach building courses
  • Teach myself scripting

For fun:

  • RP more
  • Have a huge fancy house



One thought on “If I had the time…

  1. RP more! We need our librarian dagum! We might even have an actual library sometime like, before we’re dead. (No really, upgrade is coming soon, I swear.)

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